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Full Moon Cabaret

It is the stuff of Fringe myth, the Holy Grail: stumbling, unplanned, on your favourite show of the year. And it being free. For the more adventurous festival-goer, this myth could become reality if they get themselves down to Full Moon Cabaret before the end of its run. Full Moon Cabaret is an import from […]

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In conversation with Sadia Azmat and Vittorio Angelone

During the Fringe performers are putting themselves out to the public for criticism and for joy. Sadia Azmat and Vittorio Angelone are taking part in PBH’s Free Fringe. Sadia Azmat is a practising Muslim comedian, she has been on the comedy scene for eight years and has been part of many festivals, including the Fringe, […]

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Late Bloomers’ Tales Review

Much like growing up in general, Anna Vanosi’s Late Bloomers’ Tales is at times awkward and over-dramatic but comes together in a beautiful melody of optimism and acceptance. Vanosi returns to the Fringe with a deeply personal show that seeks to answer this question: “What does it mean to grow up?” The hour-long jazz-infused solo […]

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Random Bag Check review

Random Bag Check is a marvellous show – despite the stigma surrounding the Free Fringe. Sadia Azmat and Vittorio Angelone bring with them both experience and a refreshing view on political comedy.  Azmat is a witty woman from East London and certainly brings with her an edgy and rebellious comedy set. Identifying as Muslim, Azmat […]

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017: A round-up of The Student reviewers’ festival favourites

This year, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe reached an impressive milestone as it celebrated its 70th anniversary. For seven decades now, the society behind the Fringe Festival has sought to push the boundaries of entertainment, offering a plethora of comedy, theatre, spoken-word, improv and physical theatre (and that’s only to name a few mediums). Here at […]