Period products: luxury to necessity

Scotland has become the first country in the world to introduce universal access to free period products. According to the bill that was passed in Holyrood on Tuesday night, November 24, it is legally required to ensure everyone who needs such products has access to them. It is the outcome of the 4-year-campaign led by […]


A brief summary of some sustainable period products

Since speaking about ecology became mainstream, more and more alternative period products have started to appear. Some derive inspiration from the means our great grandmothers used during their moon time, and some rely on modern research and technology. This should be eternally celebrated, as from this wide range of products, each woman may find something […]


The Crown

Netflix’s lavish and highly anticipated third season of ‘The Crown’ dropped in full on Sunday, adding yet more fuel to the fire that currently is conversation regarding the British royal family. An obvious talking point was the shift from the original cast, led by the excellent Claire Foy and Matt Smith, to a slightly older, […]

Lifestyle Wellbeing

Let the red times flow: a period emoji is finally coming

Unicode announced that they are releasing 59 new emojis this year, including a drop of blood representing periods. The emoji was fought for by Plan International UK, a global children’s charity who ran a survey in 2017 to find out how much shame and stigma still impact girls’ and women’s experiences of having their period […]

Comedy Fringe Theatre

Murder, She Didn’t Write

It was Mr. Green—in the parlour—with the candlestick! Degrees of Error and Something for the Weekend from Bristol Improv Theatre present their show that is one part Murder, She Wrote, one part Cluedo, and one part adlib. With trope characters and a 1920s theme, Murder, She Didn’t Write is among the most professional and original […]