A Personal Case Study: A Social Life Without Social Media?

Attempting to Maintain a Social Life Without Social Media at The University of Edinburgh This is the story of a girl who found out that her situationship had a new girlfriend through Instagram after he ghosted her (again) and promptly deactivated her account in a futile effort to feel some sort of agency by choosing […]

Environment Science Technology

University of Iowa researchers find new way to recycle e-waste

Phones are great fun until you live near the Baogang Steel and Rare Earth complex and its smouldering lake of “toxic sludge”. Rare-earth metals are the key ingredient in all the devices which connect us, but they come at a cost. Extraction and refinement processes often require a fantastic amount of energy and vast vats […]


Ehh, kids these days are too dependent on their phones

Children born in the last decade or so have had a level of access to technology that has never been seen before. While this allows them access to a great deal of information and educational material, there are many who believe this constant access to phones to be damaging to the development of young children. […]