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Fringe 2022: Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music Review

Featuring the music of Brahms, Robert Schumann and of course, the undeniably talented Clara Schumann, Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music tells the story of the often-forgotten nineteenth-century German virtuoso pianist Clara Schumann. Using her own musical talent, comedy, and the atmosphere of the pianodrome, Elena Mazzon created an exceptional performance as Clara. Mazzon takes […]

Culture Theatre

‘Ethereal’: LeithLate19 Moon Party review

MAISY, ON THE VENUE Walking into LeithLate’s Moon Party, we were met with free UV paint, adhesive diamant├ęs, and temporary tattoos. Of course, we’d come ready prepared with glitter under our eyes, but that didn’t stop us heading straight for the decoration station. Within moments, we and all the other guests were transformed, ethereal creatures […]