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  • Fringe 2022: Rosie Holt, ‘The Woman’s Hour’ Review

Fringe 2022: Rosie Holt, ‘The Woman’s Hour’ Review

When I think of Twitter, I think mainly about arguments between complete strangers, and politicians spouting rubbish, both groups making utter fools of themselves. For those of you not yet…

NewsRevue — Review

Venue: Pleasance at EICC, Lomond Theatre Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Reputedly the world’s longest-running live comedy show, NewsRevue provides an hour of satirical singing, dancing and sketches that garners laughs while remaining…

In conversation with Peter Brookes, illustrator for The Times

“And this is Peter’s office.” For a phrase said with such ease in passing it was easy to believe that I didn’t just walk past the creative hub of the…