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Fringe 2022: Bloody Difficult Women Review

The piece is not afraid to highlight how politicians often refuse to go against the grain, or to refuse to do what is right for the greater good, because of a fear of losing control. Bloody Difficult Women is a must watch show.

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Biden’s Inauguration: the making and breaking of tradition

Inauguration Day is as historically rooted as it is dynamic, ever reflective of the society each incoming leader exists in. As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their oaths, the backdrop is unlike any before- one of face masks and distance, of heightened security and a loud absence of both the usual crowds and the […]


IDLES miss the mark with Ultra Mono

The latest album by Bristolian rock band IDLES Ultra Mono, delivers hard hitting truths at a freight train-like unwavering velocity, scratching the anarchy itch that has plagued the British nation all year.  It is no wonder that with Ultra Mono, the boys have scored their first UK number one and bagged the title of fastest selling […]

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Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

A dominating figure in The Commons and on the stage, Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford have scrubbed the rust off the Iron Lady to bring her back for another year of comedy brilliance. The former Prime Minister (portrayed by Tedford) returns with Queen of Soho, which first arrived at the Fringe in 2014. Four years […]

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Dance / Physical Theatre / Circus, Underbelly’s Circus Hub, Venue 360, 16:25 until 29th August. A pair of acrobats crouch on stacked wooden blocks, wobbling precariously to a loud tock-tocking. Instructions are shouted in Arabic from overhead, “Tie up your hair!”, “stand up straight,”, “why are you wearing a mini skirt?” B-Orders, a piece of […]