International Women’s Day: celebrating Lifestyle’s unsung heroes

In the past year, we have seen social justice movements, a global pandemic, political uprisings and creative innovations. At the front of many of those changes were incredible women, sustaining us through lockdown, saving lives, leading protests and countries, advocating for justice. With International Women’s Day coming up, here is a list of inspiring women […]


Is plagiarism in politicians’ speeches symptomatic of a political class running out of ideas?

Despite all the media attention in recent days focusing on Theresa May’s conference speech, you might have missed the news that sections of it seemed to bare a striking resemblance to another speech, given by another leader: Jed Bartlet, Aaron Sorkin’s fictionalised President of the United States (POTUS) from The West Wing. When a terrorist […]


Leading politicians are in denial when it comes to the NHS

Grand, sweeping statements tend to divide opinion: and the British Red Cross likening the state of the NHS to a ‘humanitarian crisis’ was no exception. Dr. Paul Robinson, an emergency medicine doctor, feels that, if anything, the term fails to fully capture the chaos of the situation. Meanwhile, the National Director of Acute Care for […]