‘Housing will be the basis for all change in our country’: an interview with Living Rent

When a migrant single mother living with two young children was left with exposed raw sewage in her flat after a workman failed to finish a maintenance job, her letting agency told her to ‘use a bucket of water to pour down the toilet to flush it.’ Faced with a letting agency who claimed to […]

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Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

When I’m conducting fictitious interviews in my head, and my fictitious interviewer asks the inevitable question, who would your ideal dinner party guest be, I only ever have one answer. Joel Golby, I say. Joel who, they ask? Joel Golby, Vice staff writer, author of ‘London Rental Opportunity of the Week,’ the article that dissects […]

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While the days of Simon Amstell mercilessly teasing B-list celebrities on Never Mind the Buzzcocks may be long gone (Preston from the Ordinary Boys, anybody?), Amstell’s familiar satirical bite and glee in mockery are still very much present in Benjamin. However, in this debut feature film, they are deployed alongside an affection and tenderness that […]