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The Vegan Chilli of your dreams

Serves 6 This vegan chilli recipe has been tried and tested by many of my friends. Always a crowd pleaser, this hearty vegan meal will have everyone wanting more. The recipe was originally Jamie Oliver, but over multiple trials, it’s been adapted into a darker, richer, and more satisfying meal altogether. I’m generally not very […]


Sustainable fashion series: when did fashion become so fast?

Fast fashion seems like a self-explanatory term: low-cost clothes that follow all the trends – and won’t last, typically, for longer than a year or two. It’s associated with the view that clothes are made to throw away – made for a season, and not for life.  This combination of cheap and disposable clothes leads […]

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Post Grad Gap Year: recommendations if you just need a break after years of education

For fourth years, the combination of endless deadlines, exams, graduation looming and finding a job often seems too much. Chances are that by this point, you’ve been in education for seventeen years. Given this, it’s completely understandable to want a break before committing to a grad job. So many people leave university not knowing what […]

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Demystifying smear tests: there is no reason to be embarrassed

According to a recent BBC article, around three million women across the UK have not attended their NHS-recommended smear test. A 2017 survey found that 35 per cent of women were too embarrassed to go because of insecurities surrounding their body shape, 34 per cent because of insecurities involving their vulva and 38 per cent […]