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The deep-rooted influence of politics in fashion

Politics and fashion seem like two sides of a coin, but in fact, they are far more closely related than we realise. Fashion is not just a means to look good or a trend to follow. Fashion is a statement. It is a 2.5 trillion-dollar industry that allows us to express ourselves. Often fashion can […]


Another woman wants to go into journalism? Tell me something new

A few weeks ago I settled down in bed to a day of indulging myself to the best rom com films a feminist, who believes that self-empowerment and romantic comedies are not mutually exclusive, could treat herslf to. I breathed a sigh of relief to a moment of mind-numbing bliss. But that was not to […]


Brown Skin Girl: It’s for all of them

Upon the release of the single ‘Brown Skin Girl’, from Beyoncé’s new Lion King album ‘The Gift’, Teen Vogue published an article outlining the specific intent of the song and who it was especially intent on empowering. Namely, dark skin Black women, as evidenced by particular reverence of famous, gorgeous dark skin women; where Beyoncé […]