A “socially corrosive monopoly” – the truth behind Scotland’s land

When I ask you to consider who owns Scotland, what first comes to mind? My focus is instantly drawn to the verb choice. Owns. ‘Who owns Scotland’ implies that Scotland is an entity for sale, to be carved up and greedily possessed. And after not insignificant research, this rather arbitrary interpretation proves pretty close to the […]


Widespread power cut across Edinburgh leaves thousands in blackout

The evening of Sunday 7th February saw a power cut across parts of Edinburgh that lasted for approximately thirty minutes. The outage began at around 21:20 and ended roughly half an hour later. Areas affected included Newington, Marchmont, Bruntsfield and Tollcross. The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, which currently houses Covid-19 patients, ran on generator power […]


On improving the functional, yet fractured, politics of the UK

Following today’s political discourse, in this country especially, is exhausting. The same series of events appears to occur time and time again. A question arises, speculation and debate are publicised, yet in the end nothing changes. It would seem, to an outsider, that British politics is collapsing in on itself. Parties are divided, leaders are […]

Music Singles

‘Power’, Rapsody and Lamar

Rating: 4/5 Two long years since demanding the spotlight on ‘Complexion,’ from Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, Rapsody and Lamar have reunited again on Rapsody’s single ‘Power’. With the subtle intensity of dwindling electric guitar and 9th Wonder’s beats, the song takes listeners on a hypnotic journey about its title: power. The lyrics are […]


The UK should not share more with Argentina

The Falkland Islands, along with other British Overseas Territories (BOTs), have occupied a unique position in the history of Britain. The first claim to the archipelago came from a British sailor, John Strong, in 1690. A turbulent period of competing claims ensued before 150 years of British rule was confirmed. A misjudged invasion by the […]