A rise in elective C-sections raises questions of its risks

Caesarean section, also known as a C-section, is a type of surgery which consists of delivering babies directly from the uterus through an incision. It has been a subject of increasing controversy in the past. Recent studies show that the use of C-sections has almost doubled globally since 2000 and that a significant number of […]

Comedy Fringe

Matt Winning: Climate Strange

Possibly one of the more unlikely comedians to perform at this year’s Fringe is Dr Matt Winning, a professional climate change specialist with a PhD on the subject. When you walk into the attic of Mash House, where his show takes place, the scene is strangely familiar. There is a projector and a screen at […]


Smoking while pregnant alters foetal DNA, research shows

Recent research undertaken by UK academics provides new evidence that smoking during pregnancy carries significant health risks for the baby. Dr Amanda Drake, based at Edinburgh University’s Centre for Cardiovascular Science, along with researchers from the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Nottingham, have detected chemical changes in the DNA of foetuses as early as 12 […]