Decisive action needed from the university on antisemitism

Content Warning: antisemitism Edinburgh University is the latest to be afflicted by the rising tide of antisemitism plaguing campuses across Britain. Student Christopher Marland recently stumbled upon the unsettling remark, “the Jews control us,” scribbled in stark black onto the men’s lavatory wall in the Chrystal Macmillan building. The slander’s anonymity inhibits direct retribution befalling […]


“We Are Not Sirs”: 20th century assumptions and the modern world

We’ve come across the scene in workplace dramas for decades. Man walks into office, sees a woman hunched over the desk, and out comes some variant of the sleazy line “Donaldson sure is lucky to have a fox like you for a secretary”. The woman turns, informing the scumbag that she IS in fact Donaldson, and […]