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Toxic positivity: the way in which we give and get advice

The phrase ‘toxic positivity’ seems like an oxymoron – there’s no way that the attitude we all aspire to have can be poisonous… or can it? Toxic positivity refers to the belief that no matter how difficult the circumstances are, you should maintain a positive attitude. That’s not to say that trying to make the […]


The first year of university shouldn’t be treated as unimportant

From what I’ve gathered from endless conversations with fellow peers and older students here at the University of Edinburgh, university is a stressful time, no matter the course, the number of readings or the difficulty of the exams. This is inevitably the result of the pressure we students put on ourselves before even enrolling, making […]

Culture Theatre


Who knew meteorology could be so compelling on stage? David Haig, author and star of Pressure, obviously did. The play is about James Stagg, chief meteorological adviser to Commander Eisenhower, and his courage to stand up for what he believed in. He was crucial in bringing about the successful launch of ships bound for Normandy […]


Pressure on the fresher: Students criticise Freshers’ Week

Let’s set the scene: Freshers’ Week 2014, Teviot Loft Bar, a pub quiz organised by the Philosophy Society. Amidst a rabble of eager students figuring out how to spell Kierkegaard, one fresher takes a selfie with the peer sharing her armchair. “I need to send my mum a picture of us to show her I’ve […]