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Spencer Review

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Even though she died a little over two decades ago, Princess Diana is one of the most mythologised figures in British history. Like Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Winston Churchill, Princess Diana is more of a symbol than a real person nowadays. Spencer attempts to grapple with the myth of Princess Diana, to […]


‘Royal-tea’: the long-lasting fascination of Princess Diana

The recent release of season 4 of the British period drama TV series, The Crown, has unsurprisingly caused a lot of buzz. This season is like no other as it paints a portrait of Britain in the 80s, brushing upon so many controversies; it is emotional, gripping, serving but at the same time spilling generous […]


Fight for the right: subtle moments of resistance in and from British television

The extent to which we, as viewers of the small screen, engage with influential protest on a daily basis is staggering. The powerfully active display coming from the corner of our living rooms has established itself amongst some of British society‚Äôs most controversial and groundbreaking moments. By reminiscing and reliving some of the TV episodes […]