Multimedia Journalism and Print’s Demise

Concern about the future of print journalism is not a recent phenomenon.  Its impending demise has been lamented since the onset of the television age in the 1950s.    Nonetheless, the rapidity of change within the industry which has taken place since the turn of the 21st century is difficult to overstate.  Major publications such as […]

Comment Editorial

A letter from your Editor-in-Chief

Dear Editors, I can’t believe it’s already April and that I’ve been EiC for two months. It’s a surreal feeling to think that we’ve done so much in so little time. But honestly, when does it not feel like that at The Student. Editors come and go, EiCs are the same. I just hope that in […]

Art Culture

New Edition at Edinburgh Printmakers

In a small, unassuming attic at the Edinburgh Printmakers lives the vibrant New Edition exhibition curated by Sarah Lowndes. Whilst radiating modernity, there is a paradox between the modern subject matter and the traditional process of printmaking. Created by artists Emer Tumilty, Museums Press, and Poster Club, each different work is bound together in synthesis, […]