Support for prison vaccination grows

The vaccination of some prisoners in the UK has begun this week, although the proposed vaccination process has raised concerns.  Vaccinations in prisons currently mirror vaccinations in the UK as a whole, with prisoners who are in high-risk groups, such as the over 80s and the clinically vulnerable, being offered the vaccine first.  However, there […]


The unexpected drone footage: an insight into China’s prisons

Recently released drone footage offers a rare glimpse into China’s hidden prisons. The video, which was anonymously posted to a YouTube channel in September, appears to show Chinese police transferring hundreds of blindfolded and shackled prisoners in what is believed to be the province of Xinjiang.  The inmates are thought to be Uighur Muslims who […]


The ugly duckling of health and social reform

Image: Christian Bardenhorst Over 60s have always made up a significant minority of the prison population, but are now the ‘fastest growing’ demographic in custody, said Nigel Newcomen, Prisons and Probation ombudsman, in his annual report. The implications of this, for the way health (and social care) is delivered in the prison service, are often slightly […]