Lack of motivation? Here’s how to get out of the rut

Dreaded deadlines, all-nighters and persistent procrastination: these are just a few of the many occurrences that happen around this time of year. It’s like that awkward period in-between Christmas and New Year: you’ve had your fun (the presents, the turkey or, in my case, the excessive Ferrero Rochers) and something to look forward to (partying, […]

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The pain of procrastination: the inevitability of every exam season

It’s that time of year again. Essay deadlines, exam dates and long library sessions. All too often it seems that our focus wavers from our work and onto mindlessly scrolling through our phone. Fantasising about upcoming holidays, organising our inbox and sharing memes with friends becomes an all too familiar process. Procrastination seems to defeat […]


The four best ways to procrastinate this exam period

It is every sports fan’s favourite time of year – December! The point in the year when English football goes fixture and tradition mad; the opportunity to find out who England (and this time round Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as well) will meet in the first round of the European Championships, […]