Free bus travel for young people in Scotland

All residents of Scotland under the age of 22 will become eligible for free bus travel from January 31. The free bus travel will have conditions similar to those on offer for those with disabilities or who are over 60, who have been entitled to free coach and local bus travel since 2006. A small […]

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Elon Musk: saving our cities from the future

Tesla made a profit for the first time in its chequered twelve-year history. This, by itself, is not surprising. Tech companies will often operate at a loss for years, subsisting off of vulture capital funding until breaking even. What is different about Tesla’s news is that this represents a shift in how the public perceives […]

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Will the coronavirus change our lifestyles for good?

Despite still being in the relatively early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, the impact it is already having on people’s daily lives is substantial.  Paranoid, unsure what to expect or when to expect it, and still somewhat confused on how to best go about our daily lives pretty much sums up the general population of […]