Bullying and Racism in the Workplace

Bullying is often not acknowledged within the workplace; it’s brushed under the rug, and its victims are told to grow a thicker skin. Workplace bullying is the targeted mistreatment by individuals who exploit their position, power, and privilege to emotionally harm those in marginalised positions. Black women are victims of workplace harassment and bullying, often […]

Culture Literature

The Uncomfortable Truth about Racism by John Barnes

CW: references to racially aggravated violence In 2019, beloved Irish actor Liam Neeson made headlines for his controversial comments on race. While promoting the film Cold Pursuit, he told a story from nearly 40 years prior when a friend of his had been raped by a Black man. Neeson was so enraged that, for a […]

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Inclusion in Film: The Case for The Little Mermaid

Since Disney announced a live-action remake of the classic animated film The Little Mermaid, they have been met with an unbelievable amount of criticism for hiring a Black woman, Halle Bailey, to play the lead role. This backlash is so evidently rooted in racism, once again emphasising that despite advances made towards equality in the […]

Culture Edinburgh International Book Festival

EIBF 2022: Simon Woolley: Shaking Up the Establishment Review

Simon Woolley’s 2022 book, SOAR: My Journey from Council Estate to the House of Lords tells the success story of Lord Simon Woolley, Baron of Woodford. SOAR is more than a “rags to riches” story, his determination to not only benefit himself but also encourage the achievements of other Black people from deprived areas. Chaired […]

Fringe Music Theatre

Fringe 2022: Black is The Colour of My Voice Review

Apphia Campbell delivers a mesmerising performance in the role of Mena Bordeaux, a pseudonym used to represent the legendary jazz musician and activist Nina Simone, whose life-story unfurls in this hour-long adaptation.


How coverage of Ukraine highlights Western racism towards war in the Middle East

Article first submitted on the 12th March Like many of you, my news feed is saturated with news from Ukraine. Visceral images of Molotov cocktails, families huddling in bomb shelters, and rallying cries from across the globe. In an age of constant streams of visual media, even going on my daily Instagram scroll has left […]

Art Culture

F*CK Tate Britain

CW: representation of slavery “even when given the opportunity and resources to reflect, institutions will use the hope of reform to twist away from accountability and change.”  Zarina Muhammad Surprise, surprise once again a major art institution has come under fire for displaying racist artwork. This time the culprit is Tate Britain. Rex Whistler’s mural […]


University rebukes claims of racism by Scotland’s first black professor 

Scotland’s first black professor, Sir Geoff Palmer, recently accused two University of Edinburgh academics of racism amidst Edinburgh’s slavery review.  The claims came after academic Jonathan Hearn published an article in The Spectator claiming that Edinburgh’s slavery review was “strangely superficial”.  The slavery review was established by the City of Edinburgh council in November 2020 […]