Getting emergency contraception/abortion in Edinburgh

Living in a new city, it is important to make yourself aware of the services around you that you will need. Emergency contraception and abortion services may be vital in your time at Edinburgh. Naturally, condoms burst, pills are missed, and we just have unprotected sex and regret it later. That’s why we have alternative […]


The pill: past and present

2021 marks 60 years since the pill was first made available to women in the UK. It is fair to say that the pill has changed our society and women’s place in it, affording us the ability to choose when to start a family, to have control over painful periods, to pursue further education or […]


Anti-choice protestors: an abhorrent societal plague

This week, Back Off Scotland, a group campaigning for the implementation of 150-metre buffer zones around clinics providing abortion services, launched their first nation-wide petition. It comes as 40 Days For Life, a Texas-founded pro-life (or more fittingly, anti-choice) group, begins their first set of 40-day protests this year for Lent. For those of us […]


Three years and still no diagnosis: my experience with the NHS

My first experience with birth control was when I was 17. I went into the nurse’s office alone without any real knowledge. All I knew is that I just wanted to regulate my periods. She didn’t talk to me for very long; she took my blood pressure and asked me as few basic questions. Then […]