Why the fashion industry needs a value overhaul

Over the course of the last year, the pace of life has drastically slowed down, allowing a number of important conversations to take place. Important power structures, from Hollywood, to the royal family, to our own university have been called upon to begin the momentous task of dismantling institutionalised patterns of discrimination.  However, the fashion […]

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The launch of Fenty Beauty is a well-needed breakthrough

As you may already know, it’s been over a week since Rihanna launched her own make up brand ‘Fenty Beauty’, in more than 15 countries. Since then, world of beauty hasn’t stopped talking about the artist’s new products. The beauty industry’s infamous failure to recognise a wide range of skin tones had left a gap […]



Dreamworks Animation’s new film Home follows the story of an alien called Oh (Jim Parsons) of the species Boov, and his unlikely friendship with a human girl Tip (Rihanna), who has been separated from her mother during the Boov’s benign take-over of Earth. The plot is fairly unexciting and it lacks the originality and quirkiness […]