Politics, poetry, “pot and pills”: 130 years of The Student

8 November 1887. “Students are awakening to a sense of power and responsibility for their share in wise management of the University”. Or so says the editorial published on that day, in edition one of The Student. The brain child of Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Browning and John Stuart Blackie, The Student was founded following […]

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Afternoon Tea at Heriot Row with Robert Louis Stevenson and Jorge Luis Borges

We all know and love Robert Louis Stevenson for establishing  The Student newspaper way back in 1887, kickstarting 130 years of excellent journalism. Ringing no bells? Perhaps, then, he is better known for the swashbuckling pirates of Treasure Island, or the horrifying eponymous character of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Stevenson’s […]

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The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde

Morna Pearson’s rewrite of Stevenson’s classic short story brought Jekyll and Hyde to Edinburgh, using the revised location to help draw out the contrast between dark and light that runs central to the plot. The tale focuses on Jekyll’s daughter, Miriam (Emma McCaffrey), and an inversion of what would have been the typical or expected […]