Art Culture

Robots, National Museum of Scotland

Museums are places where the past remains, just fragmented, in the present moment, and yet robotics discovers new limits about future possibilities and aspirations. It is blending the past, present and future that makes Robots so enchanting. The exhibition guides you through 500 years of robot history, and leaves you reeling with the technological fantasies […]


The robot that discovered itself

AI (artificial intelligence) researchers have made an important step towards the development of an ‘intelligent’ robot. If this phrase conjures up dystopian images of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg, the reality may be a far cry from what you are expecting. Instead, the robot in question consists of a long mechanically jointed arm with a […]


The Rise of the Machines

Technology, as a replacement for labour, used to be something we could joke about. In 1968, Woody Allen joked that his father was made, “technologically unemployed by a tiny gadget this big that does everything he could, just does it much better. Depressing thing is, my mother ran out and bought one”. Now, however, Artificial […]