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ROYGBIV: Culture in Exams

Examination time can be stressful: waking up at 7.20 every morning to reserve a seat in the library like a keen tourist armed with a towel with the goal of…

ROYGBIV : Signs of Spring

The 1st of March was first day of spring, or officially, at least. The snowstorm that blew through Edinburgh on the 2nd would, however, beg to differ. So would the…

ROYGBIV: The Death of the Annotator

Maybe it’s only because I’m still feeling the effects of Halloween (I feel deathly, and I’ve got a ghostly shimmer to my skin which just won’t rub off despite copious…

ROYGBIV: Halloween Costumes

Pumpkins, cats, bed-sheet ghosts… been there done that. 2014 is your year to impress with your creative costume. Extra points for extra spook. Without further ado. Boo!

ROYGBIV: The Humble Bath

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on heating this winter, we at Culture have a solution for you. On days when you can’t feel your fingers and…

ROYGBIV: Cultural Consumption

We’re turning this week to our top eight culturally inspired snacks.

ROYGBIV: Pick Your Cultural Match

With the news this week (from the reputable news source that is the Daily Mirror) that Londoner, Grace Gelder, has taken a lonely stroll down the aisle, only to meet…