University of Edinburgh Rector accused of spreading disinformation on the Rwandan genocide

Debora Kayembe, Rector of the University of Edinburgh, has been accused of spreading false information on the Rwandan genocide. Kayembe said in a tweet that the genocide in Rwanda was “orchestrated by Kagame.”  Kagame is the current President of Rwanda and has been since 2000. Prior to that Kagame was the commander of the Rwandan […]


Things of the Aimless Wanderer

Kivu Ruhorahoza’s feature, Things of the Aimless Wanderer, is a disorientating but strangely hypnotic work of art which relies on a lot of imagination. In his starkly narrated, richly decorative film, a cryptic trio of stories are clearly meant to represent the metaphor between his native Rwanda and the Western world. In episodic snapshots, a […]