Fringe Interview

In conversation with Sadia Azmat and Vittorio Angelone

During the Fringe performers are putting themselves out to the public for criticism and for joy. Sadia Azmat and Vittorio Angelone are taking part in PBH’s Free Fringe. Sadia Azmat is a practising Muslim comedian, she has been on the comedy scene for eight years and has been part of many festivals, including the Fringe, […]

Comedy Fringe

Random Bag Check review

Random Bag Check is a marvellous show – despite the stigma surrounding the Free Fringe. Sadia Azmat and Vittorio Angelone bring with them both experience and a refreshing view on political comedy.  Azmat is a witty woman from East London and certainly brings with her an edgy and rebellious comedy set. Identifying as Muslim, Azmat […]