Health Science

Retractions and Covid-19: a look into bad science

Every once in a while, we are reminded of the wisdom in ancient tales. During the current pandemic, we are specifically reminded of one of the most famous tales of Aesop’s fables, the “tortoise and the hare”, which gave rise to the famous idiom “slow and steady wins the race”. The metaphorical race, in this […]

Linguistics Science

Shifting linguistics: how we mimic those around us

Have you ever been on holiday, or been with a group of friends, or at a new workplace, and found that your accent or way of speaking has changed? Maybe you’ve started using slang terms you’d never even heard of before, or the initial words that come to your mind are something different than the […]

Environment Science Technology

University of Iowa researchers find new way to recycle e-waste

Phones are great fun until you live near the Baogang Steel and Rare Earth complex and its smouldering lake of “toxic sludge”. Rare-earth metals are the key ingredient in all the devices which connect us, but they come at a cost. Extraction and refinement processes often require a fantastic amount of energy and vast vats […]


Test yourself on your dog knowledge: it’s for science

Do you think you know dogs? Then test yourself, for science! Everyone who is familiar with dogs can tell you that their behaviour is largely related to their breed. Chihuahuas will generally shout at nothing, Rottweilers are strong, and Border Collies are incredibly smart.  But what about when we meet mixed breed dogs? Due to […]

Science Science

In the wake of Brexit, the UK must pursue more international science collaborations

Recently, the UK has announced two big international collaborations on science projects, and one on a scientific relationship. International collaborations have been increasing for many years, as work performed in collaboration has been shown to have a great impact and builds links between countries. However, with Brexit looming, the UK will need to do more […]