Fringe Interview

In conversation with Tim Marriott, writer of Mengele

Trigger warning: Holocaust   In Mengele, a show that ran at the Fringe in 2019 for its second year, Tim Marriott plays Mengele, an SS officer and physician in Auschwitz who experimented on the prisoners. Rather than a celebration of the figure, the play is an attempt to comfort those who have been affected by […]

Fringe Literature

Edinburgh Book Festival: Spectres of History

In Spectres of History, Deborah Levy speaks about her recently published book, The Man Who Saw Everything. The event is mainly a question-and-answer session led by the chair about the book, focussing on analysing the protagonist, Saul Adler. Adler is a narcissistic bisexual historian who has a strained relationship with his late communist father. As […]


Angmoh is not like Ch*nk: on being East Asian Transmasc

Content warning: racial slurs, transphobia Discovery and then into the closet: “am I not a girl?” By Shinwoo Kim I read a lot while at an all girls’ high school. There are some stories that you read and forget, but there are others that resonate with you so strongly you remember every detail, and for […]

Culture Literature

Exploring Edinburgh’s Libraries: The National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland (NLS), Scotland’s largest reference library, is sure to grab everyone’s interest with its 26 million items that cover a vast array of subject matters. Its manuscripts range from 9th Century Roman poet Martial to contemporary Scottish writing in Gaelic and Scots. If you are Scottish, its Scottish family history resources […]


Exploring through the history of Stamp Collection: a dying hobby

With 50 million collectors, stamp-collecting or ‘philately’ is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Philately started in Britain where postage stamps were first produced, and subsequently spread across the globe as stamps were adopted by other countries. Stamps were first invented in 1840s Britain, the originals being the Uniform Penny Posts, with […]