There’s SNOW time to wait on climate reform

Scotland is snow-free for the 9th time in the last 300 years. Let’s say that again, Scotland is entirely, completely, snow-free for only the 9th time in the last 3 centuries. Another way to put that would be that Scotland is snow free for the 4th time in the last 6 years. We’ve ignored sign […]


The heavy snowfall and its wider social implications

The snow has gone now, but for a few days it was as if our city was in lockdown. When a human being’s physical environment changes so drastically, so quickly, it is not unusual to feel all kinds of emotions, discombobulated and out of touch being just a couple. Though being cut off from our […]


Slava Polunin’s ‘Alchemy of Snowness’

Suppose venturing into the mind of a clown. Ideas of chaos, the incomprehensible absurd, and a grating silliness, seem to float in the mind’s eye. But how far from this misconception does the Russian performer, Slava Polunin, take his reader with Alchemy of Snowness: a poetic account of the truths, technicalities and theatre of clowning […]