Thousands embark on Glasgow for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

On Saturday 6th November, the city centre of Glasgow played host to one of the biggest ever protests seen in the city’s history. As politicians, lobbyists, and delegates met within the confines of SEC centre on the riverside, on the street, activists from all walks of life descended upon the city to send a clear […]


Will Joe Biden join the radical left express, or are we destined for four years of delays and cancellations?

In American elections, there is little worse than the smear of socialism. Therefore, it is no surprise that when faced with a floundering economy, a mishandled pandemic and a crisis of inequality, the Republicans resorted to playground politics reminiscent of Joseph McCarthy: attempting to drag Joe Biden through the mud rather than engaging in debate. […]


Socialism: the dirty word of American politics

Socialism. The label has been thrown around by conservatives and liberals alike to shame and ostracise those who propose plans such as universal healthcare coverage, social security or trade union. President Trump often used it as a rallying cry during his campaign. Just this past State of the Union, he preached, “here, in the United […]