The societies that welcomed me

Will I make friends? Will I find where I fit in? Will I be lonely? These are all questions that run through Freshers’ minds in the months leading up to university. For most, moving away from home isn’t easy. Starting over in a new city, you leave everything and everyone you know behind; for international […]


The University must take steps to ensure that next year provides the experience we all deserve

This past academic year has been a bit of a nonstarter. It has been a year characterised by a lack of ambition, of motivation and a general sense of pointlessness. Fair few of us can really claim to have achieved anything, and those who can are just showing off and should shut up because they’re […]


Student Arts Societies Must Collaborate Against Exclusivity

Jelena Sofronijevic (Head of Arts at, Edinburgh’s student radio station) and Maisy Hallam (former Literature Editor at The Student) discuss their experiences of exclusivity and intersociety competition in the arts. Jelena describes her project to break down barriers in Edinburgh’s student arts scene, and the challenges she has faced along the way. I am […]


Welcome Week: A way to kick start a year of Liberation

The Edinburgh University Student Association launches its annual Welcome Week on the 9th of September as a way to embrace new students of all backgrounds. Once again, the campus will be filled with societies and events, a key component to ‘welcome’ those who are feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed by a new place and people. * […]

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How finding a community at university is usually a step we all forget about

Student living. It’s a new phenomenon for first years and a unique phase of one’s life, arguably one where you have the most freedom. For the first time, you can make your own choices. You have control over your finances, you can have that 7th cup of coffee without your mum ranting about the cons […]

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How to be boosting your CV throughout the year

Grades are important but are not always the necessary evidence of the various skills that employers value and often seek. With an increasingly competitive job market, finding ways to stand out from the crowd appears a daunting prospect. There are, however, multiple ways in which you can bolster your CV which can even allow you to […]


Can the number of societies available at university restrict student involvement?

Every Welcome Week is filled with non-stop fairs, workshops, and socials. There is also the opportunity, however, for students to join their choice of Edinburgh’s numerous societies. With over 280 societies and over 60 sports clubs, there is something for everyone. This is the first opportunity for new students to really ‘get involved’ at a […]

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Society In Focus: FreshAir Radio Station

This is the first of the Lifestyle section’s series of articles exploring the University of Edinburgh’s various societies. We will be taking a detailed look at what they do and how they work to raise awareness about the vast array of societies on offer and increase understanding amongst students on how they can get involved. […]