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‘United against bullying’: bullying doesn’t end after high school

CW: suicide It’s happened to the best of us. We’ve placed a pair of socks carefully into the washing machine drum, only to return an hour later and find that, mysteriously, only one sock has made it through the cycle. Well, this Anti-Bullying Week, it’s that remaining sock’s time to shine. On Monday, young people […]


Edinburgh’s Chilean community solidarity protests

On Thursday afternoon, the Edinburgh Chilean community came together in Bristo Square to show their solidarity with the protesters in Chile. With 21 confirmed deaths and many more people missing, international concern regarding the situation in Chile is increasing rapidly. The Student spoke with Lucia Castillo, one of the event’s organisers, who explained that the […]

Fringe Theatre


Theatre, Gilded Balloon, Venue 14, 19:45 until 31st August. Entering the small venue, I am assailed by sound: someone’s shouting into a mike, music is on, and as I traipse into the first of six or seven short rows of seats, the performers are already on stage, chanting their slogans, not more than three feet […]