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The grand  piano stands in the middle of the room directly between me and you.              And all the things  unsaid lie there among the keys.           Only spoken if we  sit                               side    by         side […]

Dance Fringe

Fringe 2022: Dance-Forum’s 78th International Choreographers Showcase Review

Memorable, joyous and captivating, The International Choreographers’ Showcase is a delightful way to explore talented emerging artists in the field.


Solo travel: daunting, but so worth it

Sat on the Manchester runway in the cramped plane cabin of a budget airline, watching the rain pour down, I couldn’t remove the inane grin from my face. My smile stayed stubbornly fixed in place as we rose up over the clouds as the journey to Split began. The utter euphoria I felt after actually […]

Lifestyle Overseas Escapades

Ellen’s guide to travelling solo

Through a series of happy accidents, I found myself travelling alone through Italy last summer.  Although a daunting prospect, the challenges of travelling fully independently made the trip an incredible experience full of excitement, self-growth and gelato.  Here are a few tips I picked up along the way to help make your experience as a […]