Tactical fouls in Premiership are not limited to Guardiola’s City

Rewind to the start of the 2019/2020 Premier league season: on a mild and clear day in East London, a remorseless Manchester City team demolished West Ham United 5-0. To the casual observer, the scoreline reflected the fluidity and dynamism of the Manchester City players, something that comes from the tactical virtuoso of their manager, […]

Fringe Theatre


Bruised Sky Productions return to the Fringe for their third consecutive year with their new play Vivarium, a dark production written and directed by Don McCamphill. Centred around the life of a young teen growing up on a council estate in Northern Ireland, Vivarium explores family ties and conflict, criminality, and the persistent hope of […]


Our Fathers

Our Fathers is a semi-autobiographical play written and directed by Rob Drummond and Nicholas Bone. The play is built around Father & Son, a memoir charting 19th century poet Edmund Gosse‚Äôs relationship with his fundamentalist cleric father and his own journey to atheism. Drummond and Bone use the book to bring to life their own […]