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Warner Bros., Disney, and Sony Delay Major Releases in Russia After Ukraine Invasion

Major movie studios have begun pulling major releases from cinemas in Russia over the country’s invasion of neighbouring state Ukraine.  Warner Bros. is pausing its release of The Batman which was supposed to be released in Russia on the 5th of March. A spokesperson from the studio has said it is pausing the release of […]


Venom and the Proliferation of Movie Franchises

Ten years in the making,Venom is the latest movie in the Sony and Marvel collaboration to hit the big screens. But with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 33 per cent to match its $100 million budget, is this just another superhero flop? Starting as Timely Productions in 1939 and changing to its prolific contemporary branding […]


CES 2016: this is what the future will look like

Faraday Future tries hard to be taken seriously. On their press fact sheet, the first adjective the electric automaker uses to describe itself is “well-funded”. The organisation stresses that their Senior Vice President used to work at Tesla; that their Head of Global Design drew the shapes of BMW’s i series of electric cars. Faraday […]