Rediscovering gems: the timeless charm of Sade

 During the past few months, I, like many, have been in search of musical solace: enter Sade. The captivating Nigerian-born British singer and her eponymous band have provided many moments of peace, quiet and clarity during the uncertainty and turbulence of a third lockdown. Combining soul, smooth jazz and sophisti-pop, Sade provide aurally exquisite sounds […]



⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5 stars As 2021 dawns, it marks just over 25 years since Pixar’s first animated feature – Toy Story (1995). It’s been a rollercoaster since then, as the studio have outdone themselves over and over, the quality of their films growing alongside the fidelity of computer animation. You could argue […]

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Interview with Zak Abel

Zak Abel is a young musician, currently on tour with Kwabs. When I interviewed him, he was walking from room to room at a GP in London to search for an elusive Wifi signal. LGG: So you’ve been on tour with Kwabs for a few shows now, where have you been? ZA: Manchester, Birmingham and […]