• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023


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A Day in my Life: Autumn Eats Edition

As students in Edinburgh universally mourn the summer – and that familiar autumn chill starts to creep in- what better way to get back into the swing of the semester…

Soup and sailing with Murray MacDonald

Murray MacDonald tells me there are two sides to him. The ‘social media’ side of Murray – amiable, chipper, and perhaps “too confident,” he claims, in a hail-fellow-well-met sort of…

Lentil and carrot soup with cumin, crispy leeks and cheese

Storm Dennis/ Ellen? Need a mid-week pick me up? A hearty bowl of warm goodness should do the trick, with, like any good thing, a hint of cheese. Perfect for…

Review: Union of Genius

Despite the façade of sunshine out the window, there lacks a persuasion of warmth to admit winter is over just yet. With this mantra I made my way to Forrest…

Gotta Taste ‘Em All

Gotta Taste ‘Em All is a weekly review of campus street food vans by Julie Zaugg, who is eager to convince you to reconsider where you next get your lunch