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Event preview: The national student space conference

Now in its 31st year, the UKSEDS (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) National Student Space Conference (NSSC) 2019 arrives in Edinburgh this coming weekend (2-3 March 2019) for a jam-packed, two day extraordinaire exploring the universe and beyond. Described as the ‘premier event for students interested in space’, the NSSC brings […]


This Week in History: Atlantis space shuttle takes its maiden voyage

On 3 October, 1985, Atlantis, the first and last space shuttle that NASA would use in its Space Shuttle Program, launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, beginning its maiden voyage above the earth. Like the mythical lost city, Atlantis pushed the boundaries of discovery during her career. She became the first Space Shuttle Orbiter to […]


The future of space: private vs public

On the morning of March 11th, NASA’s new boosters for its Space Launch System rocket passed their first major test. Orientated horizontally, the boosters fired successfully for two minutes, vividly casting fiery patterns within the waking light of the Utah test zone. One day, these boosters will be orientated vertically and attached to a fully […]