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HypED and Hyperloop: more than just a pipedream?

On Thursday evening, University of Edinburgh students presented a model for a Hyperloop in the United Kingdom that could make 300 metres per second travel a reality. Imagine it is a Sunday night. You have had a boozy weekend in London and you have missed the last Megabus back to Edinburgh. But never fear! Luckily […]

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Is there really a private space between SpaceX and Blue Origin?

On November 24, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s aerospace company Blue Origin boasted the first successful recovery of a rocket launched into space. Known as the New Shepard, the rocket reached the lower limits of the official definition of ‘space’ at about 100km above ground, before safely landing at exactly the same spot it was launched […]

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University of Edinburgh team invited to Hyperloop design weekend

Image: HypED Hyperloop is a big deal. Called ‘the fifth mode of transportation’ (after cars, trains, boats and planes), Hyperloop combines aspects of all the traditional four, but adds a whole new dimension to them. Imagine it like this: passenger and freight are placed into a capsule. This capsule is inside a near-vacuum tube, and […]


The future of space: private vs public

On the morning of March 11th, NASA’s new boosters for its Space Launch System rocket passed their first major test. Orientated horizontally, the boosters fired successfully for two minutes, vividly casting fiery patterns within the waking light of the Utah test zone. One day, these boosters will be orientated vertically and attached to a fully […]