Rent Controls are a necessary means of helping students find affordable accommodation

Perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of the Edinburgh student experience is the search for flats. It’s not surprising; the city is infamous for its competitive housing scene. This is made worse by the fact that the entirety of first-year students have no experience in it. Furthermore, landlords insist upon exceptionally high rent compared […]

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How finding a community at university is usually a step we all forget about

Student living. It’s a new phenomenon for first years and a unique phase of one’s life, arguably one where you have the most freedom. For the first time, you can make your own choices. You have control over your finances, you can have that 7th cup of coffee without your mum ranting about the cons […]

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Flat-hunting 2019: how to overcome the struggle of finding flatmates

The beginning of second semester usually has students buzzing with the question of ‘who am I going to live with next year?’ Stressing about finding accommodation can be hard enough but takes a whole other level when there is also the question of finding people you feel comfortable living with. Asking friends about their living […]