A Conversation with Strut Safe: ‘Policing Should Not Exist As It Currently Does’

Orla MacMahon talks to the co-founder of Strut Safe about women’s safety and the police.


Sexual Harassment: Educate Yourself

CW: sexual assault At first, it’s a glance – then it’s a stare. That’s when you try to shake off that first unsettling feeling of threat, telling yourself it’s nothing… But while you’re thinking that, your feet have already picked up the pace. Next, they’re following you at a distance for some time but then […]


Don’t let bureaucracy get you down: another look at the Meadows

Finally, the Edinburgh summer is approaching. The necessity to wear four layers, huddle in groups and tiptoe through the darkness in the Meadows is receding. With summer comes exciting events such as the Meadows festival, Gung Ho! (the largest 5k obstacle course in the world) and, of course, tennis and golf – all hosted in […]