Free sanitary products initiative lauded several months after implementation

The campaign to provide free sanitary products to students across Scotland will soon reach its fourth month of implementation. With the introduction of an additional product on November 12, 2018, at the University of Edinburgh, Moon Cups have also been included as a more environmentally friendly option aside from the tampons and pads already available.  […]


Should parents be informed of their child’s welfare at university?

Parents have a right to know whether their children are suffering. From mental health issues to difficult relationships, from glandular fever to ludicrous flatmates – parents have a right to be informed and to support. However, they need to be able to step away and to take the back seat at times. University is a […]

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Interview with Andy Shanks, the University of Edinburgh’s Director of Student Wellbeing

As a qualified Mental Health Officer with over 18 years’ of experience in the mental health sector, Andy Shanks is the recently appointed Director of Student Wellbeing at the University of Edinburgh. Despite acquiring directorship only 3 months ago, it is recognisable that student welfare has been a primary concern here at Edinburgh for some […]

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We need to talk about antidepressants

In 2014 eight per cent of students at The University of Edinburgh sought student counselling. This was a 75 per cent increase in three years – the highest seen by any of the Russell Group Universities. This coincided with the decision to increase tuition fees to £9,000 a year. Clearly, the increasing financial strain of […]