Students vs. Climate Change: Is it possible to live sustainably on a student budget?

The answer is yes. Not ‘maybe.’ Yes. We all know that budgeting seems to be a part of everyday life as a student. Between wondering if that large coffee will take you over your daily spending or if you can afford to get takeaway on the night you can’t be bothered to cook, it’s all […]

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How to have a sustainable Christmas

Whether it be over-indulging on the turkey, having a few too many Proseccos, or even going overboard with the gift-giving, there’s no doubt that Christmas can be a time of excess. But perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the holiday in all its extravagance is the amount of pollution it produces. Increasingly over the years, […]


Shops to cater for your cosy autumn needs

To my delight, it is now officially autumn, and we can begin to haul out our collections of all things knitted and cosy. The cold weather brings with it the perfect excuse to go on a bit of a shopping spree in order to transform into the wool-covered monster we all become during autumn. These […]