Culture Music

A reflection on Carole King’s seminal album Tapestry

I first stumbled across Tapestry as a cult Gilmore Girls fan who couldn’t get enough of the show’s opening theme, ‘Where You Lead’. There was a sense of ease that my 14-year-old self felt watching the soundtracked montage of the characters growing up as the seasons passed and credits rolled. Now at 21, the song […]

Art Culture

Christian Newby: ‘Boredom> Mischief>Fantasy>Radicalism>Fantasy’

Collective, a contemporary art space on Calton Hill, re-opened on May 13th with the exhibition Boredom>Mischief>Fantasy>Radicalism>Fantasy by artist Christian Newby. Featuring a large-scale tapestry inside the City Dome and a complementary newspaper, it is the perfect way to get back into experiencing art within an exhibition space and outside of our screens. The exhibition features a nine-metre-wide […]