Culture Literature

Witches, women, words: the authors reclaiming history to imagine feminist futures

The void of female representation in history is an ongoing narrative. Giving a voice to the persecuted and silenced individuals of our past is essential if we want to develop a more equal and just society. By researching the history of women and witchcraft, authors Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Rebecca Tam├ís have attempted to repopulate […]


A New Wave of the New Age: the unlikely rebirth of alternative spirituality

The once demonized witches who were burned on the stake have since reincarnated under the hashtag #witchtok and boast a hefty 8.7 billion views on TikTok to date. Younger generations are navigating an increasingly uncertain existence through alternative mediums to harness their inner power and take back control of their own reality. From healing crystals […]

Comedy Fringe

‘Uncomfortable spooky chill’: Tarot review

Imagine this: it is nearing midnight. Amidst the dark of the Pleasance Attic suddenly three figures burst in, wearing Victorian-style white nightgowns, dance and chant in a ritual of some secret society, drawing a salt-circle around themselves. In the background, Tarot cards are hanging on a string on their backs, the numbers circled with what […]