Comedy Fringe

Carr Crash: Father/Daughter Comedy Review

An unconventional mix, the show has an infectious energy which cleverly blends the theoretical and inane with a hearty wit.


A lost childhood? How the digital age is changing our brains

Childhood has changed. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery writes in the The Little Prince “All grown-ups were once children … but only few of them remember it.” Yet, whether adults remember how to be a child is becoming increasingly irrelevant, as the children of today have to contend with a plethora of issues that arguably thrust […]


Refereeing must adapt to tech to keep football relevant

One of the most confounding questions this funny old world has ever given birth to is why those reluctant to equip referees with assistive technology forgive poor decisions with the old adage that referees are “only human.” Most referees are unmistakably human yet it seems bizarre to use such a feeble excuse in an attempt […]