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Fringe 2022: In Conversation With … Jeremy Corbyn Review

This Fringe, The Stand Comedy Club is home to a series of discussions with various well known faces; from Deborah Meaden to the University of Edinburgh’s own Professor Devi Sridhar, from Nicola Sturgeon to Ian Rankin.  Taking the stage today was Jeremy Corbyn: jam enthusiast and former leader of the Labour Party. I thought it […]

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Edinburgh Fringe 2022: What’s on at The Stand?

The Stand Comedy Club is arguably the home of stand-up comedy in Edinburgh, hosting a mixture of comedians already in the midst of success as well as providing newcomers with the space to introduce themselves to the scene.  The Student were lucky enough to be invited to their comedy showcase for the Fringe – taking […]

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Happy Birthday NHS

Dr Philip Hammond’s Happy Birthday NHS is not for the faint-hearted. With anecdotes about clingfilm-assisted suicide and jokes surrounding serious medical conditions, uttered as though they were a mere common cold, it is fair to say that Hammond’s comedy might not be for everyone. However, after settling into Dr Hammond’s bold style, there is a […]