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The Student’s White House Correspondents on President Biden’s first 100 days

US President Joe Biden has inherited an intensifying series of crises that have few analogues. Economic catastrophe, clear cut racial divisions, and a pandemic that has swelled into the world’s largest public health disaster are among the many quandaries Mr Biden has been elected to manage.  No playbook or remedy exists to deal with such […]


Time to take the Trump trash out

When Donald Trump first tarnished the seat of the presidency, I had no idea who he was or what this meant for my country. Politics weren’t my strong suit and I had grown up in this almost brainwashed belief that my beautiful country, the country of freedom and liberty could do no wrong. Now, I […]


Bear in the big white house: What might Fire and Fury look like on TV?

With a storyline more suited to that of television than reality, the Donald Trump saga looks set to find its true home, Michael Woolfe having sold the rights to his bestselling book Fire and Fury for a purported seven figure sum. For Trump it is an obvious progression from the Apprentice – ‘From boardroom to […]