Hooray we met Max!

After Alexa bumped into @ItIsMaxHooray, the Edinburgh University Student turned TikTok star with over 100,000 followers, walking in the meadows, she and Aron had a wee chat with him on Zoom. Alexa – Your Tiktoks are known for their humour, do you have a background in any comedy societies or theatre? Max – Kind of, […]


How TikTok is influencing us all to try new things

Oh, TikTok. Where to start? I was originally one of the TikTok abstainers. Having spent a week on it in lockdown 1.0, I decided it wasn’t for me. I didn’t see the hype and all I got out of it was a 25% increase in my screen time after only a few short days. However, […]

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2021 Fashion Predictions à la TikTok

TikTok is currently full of accounts predicting 2021 trends. While a lot of the beautifully silky Motel dresses seem a bit out of touch with the current climate and pandemic, here is a list of the much more wearable options. Warmth and comfort prove to be of paramount importance to 2021 trends, but with a […]

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Who’s laughing now: should we be laughing in the face of adversity?

COVID-19 is terrifying. The rapidity of the spread and the detrimental effect that it has had on our population, not only by our health but by our entire mode of being has so significantly thrown our lives in every direction, leaving no stone unturned. University, the gym, jobs, activities and hobbies have all been impacted, […]